Amirkabir 2015

On Friday, November 20 2015 at high noon, the TUM programming elite gathered in Room 02.07.038 to participate in the Amirkabir 2015, an annual programming contest organized by the Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) in Teheran. 6 teams from TUM, among them the participants of the NWERC 2015, participated.

After a mandatory delay of 45 minutes the contest started. In total 57 teams from Iran and Germany participated. The problem set consisted of 9 problems, all of which were prepared by the organizational team from AUT. The difficulty ranged from very easy problems which every team was able to solve within a few minutes to very hard problems which nobody solved and only very few attempted.

Since the contest was held in Teheran and Munich at the same time, both contest sites live blogged the latest updates for the others to see. The live blog can be found here:

After 5 hours of thinking, coding and drinking unhealthy drinks, the contest ended. The winning team was team 'CrockPot' from the Sharif University of Technology (SUT), the second place team was team 'ulteamaTUM++' from TUM. In total all of the TUM NWERC teams placed among the best 11 teams.

In total the contest was a success and we are looking forward to the next contest with you!

A special thanks goes to the organizational team from AUT for preparing the problem set and inviting us to take place in their contest.


We hosted a contest site of the Iranian Amirkabir ICPC 2015. Here are some pictures of the contest.

Posted by ICPC TUM onĀ Montag, 23. November 2015


rankaffteamscore A
1 IRISUT - CrockPotSharif University of Technology87961/51/701/2661/1851/3441/231/8911/124
2 DEUTUM - ulteamaTUM++Technische Universitaet Muenchen66811/62/8602/2102/21401/19502/66
3 IRIUT - NeshesTeamUniversity of Tehran54131/112/42001/11211/63301/165
4 IRISUT - SRM 48Sharif University of Technology54481/72/84001/17321/39103/85
5 IRISBU - Dog ateShahid Beheshti University54961/51/146021001/132/18302/109
6 IRIUT - Narengies FactoryUniversity of Tehran55751/65/133001/20101/30122/105
7 DEUTUM - #define true falseTechnische Universitaet Muenchen55791/191/1491/2190001/66001/126
8 IRISUT - One Carrot Missing :(Sharif University of Technology55931/92/7540001/444/23403/111
9 IRIUT - SABBENIDAFUniversity of Tehran56111/51/108102/29901/34001/145
10 IRISBU - In 1010101 We Trust!Shahid Beheshti University56731/56/1994001/2431/38002/68
11 DEUTUM - 3xBiggestDecimalTechnische Universitaet Muenchen57921/62/823/2900001/72004/222
12 IRIAUT - Khersiii Dracoola ReyAmirkabir University of Technology43641/261/4600101/84002/188
13 IRIAUT - 2nt3Amirkabir University of Technology43961/56/11100001/55403/85
14 IRIKNTU - SOBKhaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology44471/62/7100101/84003/226
15 IRIAUT - The Catchelycs (Reunion)Amirkabir University of Technology44471/92/8200001/29003/267
16 IRIGuilan - Forget About Unrefusable OfferGuilan University45081/151/4400001/75007/254
17 IRISBU - DonutsShahid Beheshti University45541/53/8110001/47006/281
18 IRIUT - OverExitedUniversity of Tehran46481/66/11000001/73006/259
19 IRIUrmia - PromotionUrmia University3861/71/2800001/51002
20 IRIAUT[93-94] - fr13ndsAmirkabir University of Technology31051/91/4300001/53012
21 IRIUI - sparkUniversity of Isfahan31371/131/5000001/74004
22 IRIAUT[93-94] - SOAFAmirkabir University of Technology31411/91/6200001/70000
23 IRISUT - MENGHARSharif University of Technology31561/82/9800001/30005
24 IRIKNTU - Hyper CodersKhaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology31701/63/8700001/37004
25 IRIAUT[93-94] - KazemGhAmirkabir University of Technology32001/82/11500001/57000
26 DEUTUM - PervuninTechnische Universitaet Muenchen32151/91/8700001/119000
27 IRISBU - an appropriate team nameShahid Beheshti University32151/53/12400001/46003
28 IRIAUT - NoRizMoAmirkabir University of Technology32171/52/9200001/100002
29 IRIAUT[93-94] - NATAMOAmirkabir University of Technology32231/53/11300001/65002
30 IRIKNTU - NFIKhaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology32541/281/7100001/155004
31 IRIAUT[93-94] - four coderAmirkabir University of Technology32721/224/8800001/102005
32 IRIUT - CatDogUniversity of Tehran33111/71/6000003/204000
33 IRIKNTU - OMIDKhaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology33452/193/19100001/75000
34 IRIAUT - ok byeAmirkabir University of Technology33581/67/17700001/55007
35 DEUTUM - MMPTechnische Universitaet Muenchen34581/811/24200021/135003
36 IRIAUT[93-94] - LFSAmirkabir University of Technology21231/421/8100200000
37 IRIAUT[93-94] - R.A.MAmirkabir University of Technology21712/321/11900101001
38 IRIMUST - SubmitMazandaran University of Science and Technology21811/202/14110000000
39 IRISBU - BemosShahid Beheshti University21922/211/15100000005
40 DEUTUM - blablaTechnische Universitaet Muenchen22662/174/16910020000
41 IRIAUT[93-94] - LubiaAmirkabir University of Technology23132/313/22200000000
42 IRIAUT - E.M.AAmirkabir University of Technology24753/1103/28500400000
43 IRIAUT[93-94] - Noob++Amirkabir University of Technology1121/12200000000
IRIAUT[93-94] - SBDAAmirkabir University of Technology1121/12000000000
45 IRIAUT[93-94] - APAAmirkabir University of Technology1131/13000000000
46 IRIAUT[93-94] - asdfAmirkabir University of Technology1161/16400000000
47 IRIAUT[93-94] - AutumnZAmirkabir University of Technology1231/23000000000
IRIAUT[93-94] - PoseidonAmirkabir University of Technology1231/23000000000
49 IRIAUT[93-94] - AnonymousAmirkabir University of Technology1251/25000000000
IRIAUT[93-94] - MFNAmirkabir University of Technology1251/25000002000
51 IRIAUT[93-94] - 9331Amirkabir University of Technology1261/26000000000
52 IRIAUT[93-94] - SpectreAmirkabir University of Technology1301/30000000000
53 IRIAUT[93-93] - se teamAmirkabir University of Technology1422/22000000000
54 IRIAUT[93-94] - 3 GuysAmirkabir University of Technology1442/24400000000
55 IRIIASBS - IASBSInstitute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences1451/45500000000
56 IRIAUT[93-94] - threEFAmirkabir University of Technology13966/296000000000
57Example teamname000000000000
5711 / 2Summary16670/56113/4217/324/217/612/140/3521/34/0101/18
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