Yearly Contests

We host two big contests at the university every year. These are the Winter Contest at the end of January / beginning of February, and the GCPC at the end of June / beginning of July.

Preparation Contests

Apart from these, we are regularly holding preparation contests which you can find under preparation contests. These are completely done online, and you can participate in them without an official registration (you only need an account on the TUMjudge), alone or in a team. Usually, these contests consist of between five and eight old problems from regional rounds of the ICPC, such as the NWERC or the SWERC, or old problems from our practical course. After the contests are over, the problems remain open for submissions in a training contest.


We want to give students who want to prepare for ACM ICPC or other programming contests a training platform. All problems we wrote and collected from several contests are now available for free at TUMjudge contest. They have the same format and similar input/output specifications to enable you to actually solve problems instead of setting up development environments. If you want to be well-prepared for the GCPC and other programming contests TUMjudge is your place to go.

There you can find two further types of contests other than the preparation contests:

For both types of contests we broke the problems down into batches of ten problems each. The problems do not have a particular order.

To allow for better discussion of the problems and help in case of difficulties we also started a discussion platform at ICPC@TUM Discuss. You can login there using your regular TUMjudge account. This discussion platform is for

Please use this platform frequently to develop a vivid community. Remember that we do not want to share information about the course problems. We are looking forward to meeting you on our discussion platform and hope that you find our problem collection useful.

Online Problem Collections

Furthermore, there exist several collections of problems, the most prominent of which is the UVA Online Judge. It offers old problem sets from a variety of contests including the regional contests and the World Finals. More information regarding the preparation can be found under links or courses.


In addition, there are three different courses at the TUM which specifically deal with problems from programming contests, see courses.

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