Data privacy statement

Data being collected from all users of the websites und

For technical purposes, data such as IP address, browser version, default language and window size are stored temporarily.

Data being collected from registered users of the TUMjudge online judging system

§ 1 Collected data: We store personal data associated with your TUMjudge account. This includes name, username, in most cases email address and affiliation to a university (e.g. that you compete for TU Munich). In addition, data is stored with regard to many operations executed via the TUMjudge judging system. This includes membership in a team, uploaded code, any clarification requests that were made, times of login and logout operations and, if applicable, earned scores and achievements.

§ 2 Processing of data: We store data based on a legitimate interest to facilitate the functioning of TUMjudge as a platform for online algorithms competitions in a university environment.

§ 3 Transfer of data: In general, no personal data is transferred to third parties. For the purpose of major competitions (such as GCPC) taking place on TUMjudge, limited access to the data stored on TUMjudge (called "jury access") can be granted to jury members supervising the respective competition.

§ 4 Deletion of data: After completion of a course that was conducted using TUMjudge, data can be stored for up to 10 years if it has been used as part of an academic assessment. Afterwards, all data will be deleted. In general, user accounts and all associated data will be deleted after 10 years of inactivity.

§ 5 Controller of personal information: The professors of the chair supervising TUMjudge at TU Munich, currently chair I7, are data controllers of personal information collected and processed through TUMjudge.

§ 6 Your rights:

  1. Access according to GDPR article 15: Any user may at any time request information about collected personal data concerning the user.
  2. Rectification according to GDPR article 16: Any user may at any time request the correction of personal data concerning the user.
  3. Erasure according to GDPR article 17: Any user may at any time reques personal data concerning the user to be deleted.

We kindly ask you to direct such requests to our email address icpc(at)

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