This winter we will host another practical course with the title "Algorithms for Programming Contests". You will get to know a mixture of algorithms during this course. The main focus will be the implementation of these algorithms. This is the official course description:

Programming contests are competitions for solving problems with the help of computer programs. By taking part in these contests one may improve skills in using algorithms and data structures as well as in problem solving, software development and teamwork through fun and games. Important topics in computer science are combined with the fun in programming.

There are plenty of programming contests by now, each of them having a different mode and focus. The exercise problems in this course will be similar to the ones used in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), an international programming contest for students which is run by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since the 1970s. In this contest, groups of up to three students each need to solve eight to ten problems in five hours using one computer only. The Computer Science Department of TUM has been participating in the ICPC with multiple teams for several years. A sample problem of our practical course gives an impression of the problems we are going to solve in this course.

There will be a lecture where we explain algorithms for a new topic each week. During the following week, the participants need to solve problems related to this topic. Solutions, different ideas and remarks regarding the problems will be presented in the next lecture. The problems differ in the level of difficulty: There will be problems asking for straightforward implementations of the presented algorithms as well as harder problems. For submitting and judging the submissions we will use TUMudge, a fork of a system which is used for many rounds of the ICPC.

Goals of this course are

This course will be taught by Stefan Jaax, Philipp Meyer and Christian Müller. You can find all information about the course at our website.

The preliminary discussion took place on Wednesday, February 1. If you missed it, but are interested in the course, let us know via so that we can put you on the list of applicants. You nevertheless will have to apply via the matching system. The lecture will be held Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in room MI 00.8.038. Applications will be accepted until February 9th via the matching system.

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