The registration for the GCPC 2017 has opened today! You can register your team through the official ACM ICPC website. The registration is opened until Tuesday, June 27th. Please make sure that your team is registered before the deadline!

To register a team, the coach (this can be a contestant, a tutor, or a professor) creates the team on the website and adds up to three contestants. If the contestants do not have an account on the official ACM ICPC website yet, the coach can enter their email addresses to send them an invitation through the system. Once all members of the team have registered successfully and entered the required personal information on the website, we will confirm the team manually and the team's status will change from pending to accepted.

If you need further team members, feel free to post something on the wall of our Facebook event.

Up to today 11 contest sites have registered for the GCPC 2017 so far. If you are interested in organizing a contest site at your own university, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you with the organization!

Further information about the GCPC 2017 including the different contest sites, rules, and registration links can be found on our contest website for the GCPC 2017.

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