Time to team up! The German Collegiate Programming Contest 2021 is set for June 26, from 11am to 4pm. Just like GCPC 2020, it will again take place in the internet. GCPC is Germany's main ICPC-style contest and TUM is again hoping to win big this year!

We will again use rules similar to those that worked very well for GCPC 2020:

According to the current Covid restriction for almost all parts of Germany, it will be allowed for your team to meet physically at a location of your choice. In fact, when the weather is good and you are using laptops, you might even meet outside, perhast in English Garden or in the parks surrounding TUM in Garching. If you opt not to meet in person, we recommend to use a voice or video-chat tool (Skype, Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, Discord, etc. - please also feel free to use one of the subgroups on our TUM Discord server if you'd like) and, in addition, a shared editor (such as codeinterview.io) to view and work on code together (as if you had one common computer) and a online whiteboard (such as sketchtogether.com/) to exchange ideas.

The registration for the GCPC 2021 is a two step procedure and works as follows:

1) Fill out this registration form provided by our colleagues from FAU who are the main organizers for this year's GCPC.

2) In case you do not have an account on ICPC Global yet, please go ahead and create one. Once the official registration closes, we will create your team on the ICPC Global platform, add the respective team members, and officially register you for the GCPC 2021.

The registration deadline for the GCPC 2021 is June 24th!

Please note that student teams who are ineligible for NWERC due to study / age restrictions are still allowed to participate in the GCPC. If this is the case for your team, simply follow the registration instructions as described above.

In case you teammates attend different universities, you can only participate out of competition. If this is the case, please fill out the registration form and drop us an email at icpc@in.tum.de with your team name.

If you have any other questions regarding the registration, please send us an email to icpc@in.tum.de.

In case you are looking for teammates or simply want to connect with the vibrant TUM competitive programming community, please fell free to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/ehqp6wB

Happy coding and stay save!

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