Do you want to be part of one of TUM's teams for NWERC 2016 in Bath? In this article we will describe the stages of our team creation.

1. Qualify for our Training Camp

First of all you need to get an invitation to our training camp. We hand out these invitations during several events here at TUM. The following students will receive an initation to this year's training camp:

  1. Team members of TUM's best three teams at the German Collegiate Programming Contest (GCPC) 2016.

  2. The students in our practical course "Algorithms for Programming Contests" who collected the most points during the term.

  3. Up to three Students that solved at least 10 problems from the problem collection at TUMjudge contest. There are more than 300 problems uploaded to our judge system, 100 of them within the problem collection.

  4. The best participant of each of our training contests at TUMjudge contest that are not already qualified.

New training contests will be announced later on this website. Check the news for their dates. There is a chance for everybody to get an invite here, so if you want participate in the training camp go solve some problems at the contest judge.

2. Participate in our Training Group

With your invitation to the training camp you will also get access to the chat of our training group. We meet weekly and discuss problems that we solved during the previous week as well as participate in contests together.

You can also be part of the training group without having an invitation to the training camp. Please contact us to get in touch.

3. Attend the Training Camp

The training camp will take place from Monday, 3rd October until Saturday, 8th October. We rented a house at the Zillertal in Austria which is pictured above for the full week. During this training camp we will have some talks, do contests together, discuss algorithms and strategies as well as go hiking, have fun and use the bar that is included in the house! To do so we will bring all our servers (LAN party anyone?) to the house and invite some interesting guests.

At the end of the camp, we will choose the best students and decide on the teams that will represent TUM at the NWERC in Bath.

All costs for this training camp are covered by us including travel cost, you just need to pay for your food as we are not allowed by administration to do so.

4. Go to NWERC!

After some more training we will take the best teams to Bath. Again, all costs but food are covered by TUM. The NWERC will be from 19th to 20th November. We will leave Munich on Friday, 18th November and will be back on Monday, 21st November.

We are looking forward to you joining us on the way to Bath!

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