Everyone knows it: In the end, good triumphs over evil. While Lord VolTUMort managed to beat TUMbledore in last year's NWERC, TUMbledore stroke back in the FAU Wintercontest 2020. Using its superior magical programming skills, TUMbledore did not only solve 13 problems but completed the whole problem set an incredible 80 minutes before the contest ended. As the scoreboard was only frozen 60 minutes before the contest was over, everyone - including Lord VolTUMort - had to acknowledge that any resistance was futile.

In the end, Lord VolTUMort came in second behind TUMbledore, being the only team besides TUMbledore that managed to solve all 13 problems. Neville LongbotTUM finished the competition on a strong 7th rank, having solved 10 problems. In total 86 teams from 11 academic institutions participated at 10 different contest sites all over Germany. More than a quarter of the teams, namely 22, were from TUM. Additionally, our contest site at TUM hosted one team from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

We want to congratulate all participants on their achievements and hope everybody enjoyed the event as much as we did! Last but not least, we want to thank our colleagues at FAU once again for the great contest organization!

Click here for the problemset, the final scoreboard, and the solution outlines.


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