There are still some invites left for our 2016 training camp. To get your invite to our training camp and the possibility to be part of TUM's teams at NWERC 2016 you have two possibilities left: Win a preparation contest or solve at least 10 problems of our problem collection. Here are the details.

Problem Collection

You can go the the contest judge and solve hundreds of problems there. Approximately one hundred of them are from past ICPC contests. You can find those problems in the contests called Problem Collection - Volume XXX. The first three students to solve ten of those problems will receive an invite to our training camp. You can check your progress at the points overview. We will update this article if the spots are gone.

Preparation Contests

You can also participate in our preparation contests. The best participant that did not receive an invite yet will get one. The contests are also available at the contest judge and are called Preparation Contests 2016 - XX. Each contest will feature 4-5 problems and will be open for 24 hours. The problems will still be available afterwards in the contests called Preparation Contests 2016 - XX, Training, but only the 24 hour contests will grant invites. Preparation contests will be held on the following dates:

We are looking forward to your submissions. Please feel free to notify all friends that may be interested in the training camp, too.

Good luck and lots of fun to all participants of all contests mentioned here.

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